Sep 02

The Death of History’s Worst Heretic

Who is church history’s most noto­ri­ous false teacher? It might not be pos­si­ble to answer that ques­tion defin­i­tively. But if we were to cre­ate a top-ten “most wanted” list, the name Arius would undoubt­edly be near the top. In ancient times, Arius’s teach­ings pre­sented the fore­most threat to ortho­dox Christianity — which is why his­to­ri­ans […] Continue read­ing

Sep 01

Labor Daze: 4 truths not covered in job orientation

In honor of Labor Day here are four truths your HR depart­ment prob­a­bly didn’t cover in your ori­en­ta­tion pack­age… 1. Work is a gift God cre­ated the man with a pur­pose: to enjoy fel­low­ship with God and offer wor­ship to God through work.  Genesis 1:26Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our like­ness. […] Continue read­ing