Jul 23

Holding the Rope

A life­hack is a trick that makes com­mon activ­i­ties eas­ier and more prof­itable. With many life­hacks, once you try them they seem com­mon sense, and every other way of doing the same thing—even the way you used to do it until you learned that lifehack—seems so igno­rant and strange. Holding the Rope, by fel­low Cripplegate […] Continue read­ing

Jul 22

I Can Do All Things

In today’s post, I would like to briefly con­sider one of the most well-known and often-quoted verses in the New Testament. In fact, it is one of the most pop­u­lar verses in American evan­gel­i­cal cul­ture today. It has been printed on posters and inspi­ra­tional wall art. A quick inter­net search reveals that you can buy […] Continue read­ing

Jul 21

Heaven is for Real…Well Duh. [Reprise]

In the shadow of the movie’s release, I thought it apro­pos to regur­gi­tate this (one of my first) posts… This annoy­ing lit­tle book is not going away. Upon hear­ing his 4-year-old claim that he had vis­ited heaven and met Samson and a blue-eyed Jesus, Pastor Todd Burpo encoun­tered the same chal­lenge all par­ents of tod­dlers fre­quently face. […] Continue read­ing