Sep 17

The Holy War

It’s a word with which much of the world has unfor­tu­nately become famil­iar in recent years: “jihad.” “Jihad” is the Arabic word which car­ries the idea of “strug­gle,” and is often referred to as “holy war” within Islam. While not all Muslim schol­ars agree on the way in which holy war should look, one need […] Continue read­ing

Sep 16

The Death of Thomas Cranmer

A brief sketch from the pages of Reformation his­tory. Four hun­dred fifty eight years ago, a crowd of curi­ous spec­ta­tors packed University Church in Oxford, England. They were there to wit­ness the pub­lic recan­ta­tion of one of the most well-known English Reformers, a man named Thomas Cranmer. Cranmer had been arrested by Roman Catholic author­i­ties […] Continue read­ing